Stop Twitter

Megálló Twitter

At this workshop we explored the possibilities of extending socio-technical tools into physical urban space. Twitter, a free social networking and micro-blogging service, is one of the fastest-growing social-networking sites on the web.  However, it is generally limited to the screens of our networked devices.

We created an urban equivalent of Twitter at the bustling Moscow Square in Budapest, Hungary. Pedestrians waiting for the trams to arrive were approached and asked what they were doing or what was on their mind. These “tweets” were written down on self-adhesive paper and mounted on the pavement.  This physically-grounded activity stream anchored ephemeral human musings in a familiar public space.  Even though they did not know the other authors personally, passersby showed great interest in thoughts of people who shared the same space with them.  Thus, this activity encouraged a greater social awareness in an otherwise anonymous public space.

Workshop devised by Attila Bujdosó and Gergely Borgulya. Guest lecturer Christopher Baker. Participants Auth Adrián, Fonó Ábel, Zalai Tamás, Kómár Mihály, Riesz Gábor, Szelecsényi Balázs, Szigetfű István, Szabó Eszter, Németh Dávid, Nagy Tamás, Hartman Sándor, Balogh Boglárka, Varga László, Tóth Máté and Pozsgai András. Concluded at BUTE, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Design.

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